Young adults characteristically have lots of energy and intensity. When that energy and intensity is working well it gives them the drive to accomplish great things and to nourish their self esteem through improved relationships and earned accomplishments. But, if that energy is mis-directed because of chemical dependence, depression, anxiety, prior trauma and/or learning disorders, it can lead to self-demoralization, damaged relationships and a sense of hopelessness. All young adults are still developing. Brain imaging studies show that the brain does not reach its full size until about age 25. This is a very plastic brain, with tremendous potential.

The program for the 18-24 year old age group at the Recovery Road Medical Center is designed to assist patients in overcoming addiction and mental health disorders as the way to achieve their true potential. The program also addresses the developmental tasks of this age group such as career and relationship issues.

We are here to assist you in your recovery. This intensive outpatient program for 18-24 year old young adults provides thorough medical assessment, individualized treatment planning, and careful monitoring and support. Patients learn and develop coping skills, become educated about their disorders, and are introduced to ongoing support groups. Family sessions are also encouraged and given a high priority within the treatment plan.

The staff at Recovery Road Medical Center consists of professionals who are licensed and/or certified to perform at the highest level. Photos of each staff member and information about their background can be seen on the Recovery Road Web site along with their personal mission statement and what it is that drives them to want to work and help in the fields of addiction and mental health.

The treatment consists of at least 8 weeks of intense therapy, using techniques that have been time tested and are known to work, such as: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), group, family and individual therapy, relaxation techniques, stress management training, and weekly drug screening.

Group and individual sessions are conducted by a Marriage and Family Therapists with experience in the fields of addiction and mental health and Certified Drug and alcohol Counselors who specialize in addiction treatment, The physicians are: Dr. P. Joseph Frawley, a board certified internist, and Dr. sheriff El-Asyouty, a board certified psychiatrist. The patients are seen weekly by one of these two physicians while they are in the program. As treatment progresses, patients are introduced to and encouraged to become involved in community recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other 12 step programs. Patients may also have ongoing individual counseling needs and referrals will be made for these a well.