In this section of our October 2018 Facebook Live Question and Answer session, Dr. Frawley and Dr. El-Asyouty discuss the stages of recovery and some of the differences between the Recovery Road Medical Center program and Alcoholics Anonymous.

The stages look like first, finding safe places for the second stage of reprocessing the shame and feelings of fear that one can have from admitting to oneself that they are an addict or alcoholic. The third step, which we also see in Alcoholic Anonymous, is once one is better to help others.

You will see in the video that the discussion goes into how one maintains sobriety and how being sober is like learning a new language. For many, Alcoholics Anonymous works perfectly but for others the place of vulnerability that the spiritual aspect of recovery programs offer can be better served when put into a different context that Recovery Road Medical Center’s program provides.

Many patients in our programs attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well as take part in ours and we are supportive of that. We know from experience, however, that it is not just one approach that works for everyone.