You’ll see in the video that it is often a good idea to make sure alcohol or drug isn’t available in the house.  The truth is that the partner that continues to drink or use may be putting their loved one’s recovery at risk, whether they mean to or not. Couples that used to drink or do drugs together may feel unbalanced in their relationship when they might have associated their drinking with being together. Watching someone drink or do drugs may also trigger cravings and a relapse as well.


Facial expressions of pleasure are the key ingredient in carrying subconscious messages in all advertising. The partner’s facial expressions of pleasure while drinking or using are automatically recorded by the person who is entering into recovery and can subtly undermine the delicate emotional desire to stop drinking or smoking tobacco or marijuana.


Here are a few other ideas to consider if you are in this situation.


Keep alcohol and drugs out of the house. Many couples keep alcohol out of the house for at least six months if not for always. If the other partner is in recovery they may keep the alcohol or drugs out of the house for good. If the offending trigger for alcoholism or a drug like marijuana isn’t there, it is less likely that it will be used.


Make recovery a priority. Have a discussion with your partner about your recovery efforts and let them know how important it is to get their help.  For many, the obsession to drink or use may go away after a time — but they may need plenty of help and someone to be accountable to in the meantime.


Make friends with people that are sober.  Have to go to a work event where there will be a lot of drinking?  Go with a sober friend or come to an agreement with your spouse not to drink, to leave early with you if needed and provide that kind of support.


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