Grief, Alcoholism and Buddha’s Mustard Seed

There is a story is Buddhism of a woman who went crazy with grief over the death of her son. The villagers in her town suggested she speak with Buddha who told her she needed to get a mustard seed from a house where they had never experienced grief. With [...]

Behind the Scenes with Recovery Road’s Monthly Facebook Live Broadcast

Recovery Road's FB LIve Event will be on Monday, August 6th. Next week we will be holding our fourth Facebook Live event to answer your questions about alcoholism, addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and other aspects of recovery and how it affects those that are addicted and their [...]

Misperceptions about Marijuana and Anxiety

In our last Facebook Live event 7/2/18, there was an important discussion on marijuana as it has become more accepted and common since becoming legal in California. We thought it was worth discussing more and highlighting the conversation with the enclosed video and post. One of the common misperceptions about [...]

Should a spouse not drink when the other is in recovery?

 You’ll see in the video that it is often a good idea to make sure alcohol or drug isn’t available in the house.  The truth is that the partner that continues to drink or use may be putting their loved one’s recovery at risk, whether they mean to or [...]

Is Addiction a Choice?

During our recent question and answer Facebook Live event, our Medical Directors were asked about whether addiction or alcoholism is a choice. They went into detail about a Scandinavian study of adopted children that showed that addiction may be genetically linked. Alcohol and other drugs, however, can also have an [...]

Surfing the Serenity Prayer

We recently did a Facebook Live event where our very own, Dr. Jospeh Frawley, described the serenity prayer in a new way that many have not heard before.  For a video of the segment, make sure to visit our Facebook page at: The Ying and Yang represent the fundamental [...]

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A.A. Meetings: What’s it All About?

Whether you’re in complete denial about your drinking or you’re already in a recovery program and under a doctor’s care for your alcoholism, you’ve very likely heard of Alcoholics Anonymous and A.A.meetings. Why would anyone go to A.A. meetings? When it’s appropriate, your mental health professional may suggest that you [...]

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Yoga, Meditation and the Mind-Body Connection

Quiet the body, quiet the mind. Approximately 5% of the U.S. population struggles with some form of substance addiction or alcohol dependency.  That’s nearly 25 million Americans dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of their addiction, with countless friends, family members, and society at large faced [...]

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“High Functioning” Alcoholics: Challenges & Solutions

Appearances can be (very) deceiving. The popular perception of an alcoholic is often that of a disheveled bum on the street with a bottle of cheap wine in a paper bag as he begs for spare change to buy another bottle…or maybe it’s that of a woman sitting at a [...]

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Marijuana: Fact vs Fiction

As a media-hot topic, the current trend of marijuana legalization throughout the country sends a number of flawed messages. A recent Gallup poll reports 13% of U.S. adults currently using marijuana on a regular basis. This is  nearly double the rate of four years ago. The number of adults who have [...]

Addiction & Alcoholism: It’s Not Just an “Act”

For decades, the popular perception of those addicted to drugs or plagued by alcoholism is that “those people” just don’t have the moral fiber or willpower to “clean up their act.” But for anyone having trouble controlling their drinking or drug use, they know it’s the farthest thing from an [...]

What’s Behind Addiction?

Recognizing an addict The problem of alcohol and drug addiction is so widespread that it’s a rare person indeed who doesn’t have a close personal relationship with someone who isn’t experiencing some problems with either drugs or alcohol. It’s highly likely that alcoholism or addiction affects one of your family [...]

The Stumbling Block to Recovery: Fear

Whether you’re in recovery or not, if you suffer from alcohol, drug, or behavioral dependency, you’re acquainted with fear. Fear comes in a wide variety of thoughts, inhibitions, emotions, and anxieties, some of which are perfectly reasonable and rational. Others may not be so well grounded, but a wide range [...]

Confronting the Fear of Addiction Recovery

Do you actually fear your recovery? Anyone considering a journey down the road toward addiction recovery commonly has some familiarity with feelings of “loss” or with the more profound emotions associated with genuine grief. We learn to deal with “loss” as children, and it can be felt over something as minor as [...]

The Holidays: A Time to Care

Even for those who are not in recovery or addicted to either alcohol or drugs, the holiday season is not always the most pleasant time of year. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is often marked by unrealistic expectations, stresses of travel, reunions with family, impossible schedules, and irresistible [...]

Alcohol, Addiction, and “Surviving the Holidays”

Thanksgiving is behind us, something for which those dealing with alcoholism or addiction may truly be thankful. It may have been a long weekend of dealing with family dynamics and the assorted difficult relationships we’ve successfully avoided since the last gathering of the clan. For people in recovery, just getting [...]

Alcohol “Tolerance”…or Addiction?

  Alcohol affects each of us differently. Most people can drink without risk of becoming alcohol dependent or falling into full-blown alcoholism. But for others, drinking can lead to a dangerous downward spiral of failing health, damaged relationships, and destroyed careers. Some people have a glass of wine and promptly [...]

Alcoholism & Addiction: The 5 Myths

If you're concerned you may be suffering from alcoholism...if you find yourself thinking about the next drink, the next cop, or the next score…if your days and nights are spent thinking about pills, lines, joints, caps, dippers, or which local cocktail lounge has the best two-for-one special…you’ve got a problem. [...]

Feelings Are…Who You Are!

We’ve all got feelings. Feelings about our environment, about world events, and about other people. But the most important feelings we have are about ourselves. Some days we feel pretty good and are ready to accomplish great things. Other days we have trouble getting out of bed. Good days, bad [...]

If Sobriety Is So Great, Why Can’t I Stay Sober?

Many alcoholics and drug users consciously make a commitment to the sober life. Whether they come to that point through health problems, a dramatic family intervention, contact with law enforcement and the justice system, enrollment in an outpatient treatment program, or rigorously attend frequent AA meetings, many out-of-control addicts (whether [...]