Recovery Road’s FB LIve Event will be on Monday, August 6th.

Next week we will be holding our fourth Facebook Live event to answer your questions about alcoholism, addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and other aspects of recovery and how it affects those that are addicted and their loved ones.  The reason we started the events is simple — there aren’t a lot of public conversations available to people that might be struggling with these tough issues either with themselves or a loved one.  And, in this format, the questions can be asked anonymously in a confidential environment.

We didn’t see anyone doing live video so we thought we’d go ahead and try it.  In terms of helping other people and also showing what we do as a service, it’s been gratifying to know that not only do people attend the event online but many more watch the video of the Q & A session in the following days.

For those of you, who haven’t tuned in, we realized that it might be good to clarify how the event is structured, how questions are asked and how they are answered.

We hold the event in our office conference room and no clients are shown on video during the event.  Facebook Live is a one-way environment so only our faces are seen and only our voice is heard — it’s not like a video conference call, it’s more like you are watching a talk.

We go into the filming with a few questions that we think are worth talking about.  If someone has sent us a question ahead of time to, we’ll answer it without using their name and protect their confidentiality as we can imagine asking tough questions might be hard for some.  We liken this process to putting an anonymous written question in a hat where a random one is picked for discussion.

Once the program starts people watching the event can ask questions via online chat or can send questions to our e-mail but by no means need to identify as an addict or an alcoholic.  If someone is interested but missed the Live Chat, the video of the entire session is available by the next day on our Facebook page and can be seen anytime, anywhere.

We expect people who participate to be interested, have questions they want to be answered and likely want to know why and how we do what we do. People can ask questions for themselves or loved ones who need help. We hope that the information provided in these chats also gives hope for recovery for people who need help.

We hope that this post sheds a little more light on how the Q & A session is run if any of you have had questions or have hesitated to participate.

The bottom line is that there are many ways to find out about addiction, alcoholism and recovery — our Facebook Live event and it’s resulting taped video is a great option for many to learn more about who we are and what we do.