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Stages of Recovery: It’s Like Learning a New Language

In this section of our October 2018 Facebook Live Question and Answer session, Dr. Frawley and Dr. El-Asyouty discuss the stages of recovery and some of the differences between the Recovery Road Medical Center program and Alcoholics Anonymous. The stages look like first, finding safe places for the second stage of reprocessing the shame and [...]

Grief, Alcoholism and Buddha’s Mustard Seed

There is a story is Buddhism of a woman who went crazy with grief over the death of her son. The villagers in her town suggested she speak with Buddha who told her she needed to get a mustard seed from a house where they had never experienced grief. With addiction treatment, we address grief [...]

Behind the Scenes with Recovery Road’s Monthly Facebook Live Broadcast

Recovery Road's FB LIve Event will be on Monday, August 6th. Next week we will be holding our fourth Facebook Live event to answer your questions about alcoholism, addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and other aspects of recovery and how it affects those that are addicted and their loved ones.  The reason we [...]

Misperceptions about Marijuana and Anxiety

In our last Facebook Live event 7/2/18, there was an important discussion on marijuana as it has become more accepted and common since becoming legal in California. We thought it was worth discussing more and highlighting the conversation with the enclosed video and post. One of the common misperceptions about marijuana, especially with adolescents, is [...]

Should a spouse not drink when the other is in recovery?

 You’ll see in the video that it is often a good idea to make sure alcohol or drug isn’t available in the house.  The truth is that the partner that continues to drink or use may be putting their loved one’s recovery at risk, whether they mean to or not. Couples that used to [...]