Dr. Sherif El-Asyouty is a board certified psychiatrist and also certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He had been practicing in Santa Barbara since 2003. Dr. El-Asyouty started his medical career as a resident in General and Neuro Surgery where he was exposed to a wide array of medical and surgical experiences. He then switched to Psychiatry and joined the program at the University of Louisville, KY, where he finished his training in General Psychiatry. He then went to the University of Vanderbilt for additional training in Addiction Psychiatry. There he trained under a nationally recognized physician in the field of addiction, Dr. Andy Spickard , III.

Dr. El-Asyouty practiced in Kentucky as a staff psychiatrist in both inpatient and out patient settings. This experience increased his interest in this field and his conviction regarding the importance of developing a dual diagnosis program to improve the outcomes of both addiction and psychiatric treatment for patients who suffer with both conditions. He also developed a deep appreciation for the value of the team approach and communication. He last served in Kentucky as the Medical Director of West Lake Behavioral Health Program.
Since his move to Santa Barbara he became aware of the great need for a program that can treat people with Dual Diagnosis, Psychiatric Disorders, Substance Dependence and Chronic Pain.

Dr. El-Asyouty and Dr. Frawley met while Dr. El-Asyouty was working as a staff psychiatrist at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. Both doctors shared a lot of ideas about addiction and patients care. They agreed that in order for care to be based on an individualized assessment of needs, a multidisciplinary program like Recovery Road Medical Center was needed.

Dr El-Asyouty is currently in private practice where he sees patients with Psychiatric, Chemical Dependency and Chronic Pain conditions. He is also the Co-Founder of Recovery Road Eating Disorders.

To learn more about Dr. El-Asyouty, you can visit his personal website at www.drasyouty.com.