Recovery Road Medical Center Treats Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and More with Outpatient Care.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality treatment for patients with alcoholism and drug addiction, mental health disorders, and/or chronic pain in an outpatient setting.

The Santa Barbara Recovery Road treatment alcohol rehab program, for example, helps individuals listen to and acknowledge what is inside and re-establish respect for self. Through daily addiction focused treatment and using the power of groups to start the cycle of change, our patients go from rejecting what is inside to sharing their feelings and breaking out of the isolation that often comes with alcoholism. We believe each patient should be treated with respect and should have access to and knowledge about different alcohol rehab modalities that suit his or her needs.

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Outpatient Treatment Programs That Seek Solutions to Root Cause

The Santa Barbara Recovery Road Medical Center offers various programs to help people overcome drug addiction and alcoholism, chronic pain and mental health disorders. The rehab programs offered at the treatment center will include medical and psychiatric assessment and care, separate groups and individual therapy for addictions, mental health disorders and chronic pain. Our philosophy is that these are separate conditions and require individualized treatment plans.

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We offer Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs specializing in:

Alcohol Addiction

Chronic Pain

Chemical Dependency

Drug Addiction Treatment

Dual Diagnosis


Young Adult Recovery

Young Adult Recovery Program

Mental Health

The Santa Barbara Recovery Road Medical Center offers various programs to help people overcome drug and alcohol addiction, chronic pain and mental health disorders.
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red-flags-bryjo-300x300Red Flags that Someone You Love Has a Drug or Drinking Problem

  • Has attempted unsuccessfully to cut down or control the amount of alcohol or drug use
  • Gets annoyed when someone asks how much alcohol or drug has been used
  • Continued drinking and/or drug use despite guilt or problems with health, relationships, work or the law
  • Feels a need to use alcohol or other substance in order to avoid alcohol withdrawal like symptoms or steady one’s nerves (Eye Opener)
  • Some commonly abused drugs: Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates

Insurance Coverage Information

Recovery Road Medical Center Intensive Outpatient Programs are covered by most private insurances. This coverage is either through contracts or individual case agreements.

  • Blue Cross
  • Aetna
  • Managed Healthcare Network MHn
  • Blue shield of California
  • United Behavioral Health UBH
  • US Behavioral Health USBHPC
  • Pacific Care
  • UCSB Student Health Insurance
  • Magellan

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Family Program

Recovery Road offers family members opportunities through education and group therapy to work together in gaining knowledge about issues like alcoholism and substance abuse so they can understand their loved one’s illness and help them find the power to change its self destructive course.

Any illness can affect the whole family and not just their loved one. In any chronic illness the family will develop a dual relationship, one with the person and the other with the illness. As the disease progresses family members often feel they are losing their relationship with the person, and become angry in dealing with the illness taking the person away from them. As the patient recovers the true person begins to emerge in time, and this allows the family to reconnect with the person.

We believe each patient should be treated with respect, and have access to and knowledge about different rehab treatment modalities that suit his or her needs.

What Some Have To Say

Recovery Road’s group therapy program gave me valuable support from trained therapists, and the group structure gave me hope as I learned that I was not alone. I learned skills in Recovery Road that not only helped me cope with, and refute, the many negative thoughts I was having as a result of my depression, but that are valuable for me in coping with life’s everyday stresses and that will serve me for the rest of my life.
I am familiar with out patient services as I’ve been before, and was very surprised and grateful for the care I received and what I found at Recovery Road. I came into the program with some trepidation that I would be getting 12-stepped, which I didn’t need as I was quite familiar with AA. What I found were some fantastic tools through Cognitive Behavior Therapy that allowed me to see the negative tape that was playing in my head, and how to change that outlook and identify what was actually real vs. perceived, and how to change that tape in my head in a more positive direction.
I know I need to stay on the path to my recovery because the other choice is not an option. I want to thank all the staff at Recovery Road for all their help and Clyde for his open ear and his patience during our counseling sessions. If my letter inspires one person to continue with their sobriety, this would be the ultimate to hear in my recovery process. Again, thank you Recovery Road for all your support.